Alchemizing Inner Healing via Tarot, Breath and So Much More – Wanderlust

Alchemizing Inner Healing via Tarot, Breath and So Much More – Wanderlust


If you were looking for words to describe Regina Rocke, you could fittingly refer to her as a powerful and petite rocket of beautifully restorative rainbow light. She’s an undeniable full-fledged vortex for healing. Her personal healing journey is ever-evolving, she explains, yet at the same time, she is also supporting others in accessing their own inner healer.

Rocke’s portfolio as a wellness practitioner includes the merging of several potent modalities. She’s a breathwork facilitator, Ayurvedic wellness counselor, yoga instructor, personal trainer, and tarot reader. Like many, she became a guide to well-being through her own bout of ill-health.

ReginaRocke2021“I grew up dancing, and then I went on to receive a BFA and MFA in dance,” she says. “In 2009, I started to have health issues: bad eczema and digestion. I wasn’t treating my body very well. I was miserable and very depressed.”

When she decided to change her diet and lifestyle, she stumbled upon Ayurveda and was hooked. Her health soon took a turn for the better, so she dove in full force by first becoming a Kripalu-certified Ayurvedic wellness counselor, and then in order to fully integrate the lifestyle, a 500hr certified yoga instructor. Training in breathwork facilitation, tarot reading, personal training and barre also entered the mix, and today she offers sessions in all five practices. Depending on the energy she feels in a class, she may infuse the session with elements from several of these modalities.

Rocke will carry this depth of knowledge with her in the breathwork and tarot classes she’ll be leading in her new classes on Wanderlust TV, which will be held monthly on both the full and new moons. She intends to start each session by pulling a tarot card, to uncover a message. “I will shuffle [the Tarot deck] live with everyone and ask something we need to know for our highest good. Oftentimes, we are all going through the same kinds of things. Fear and joy are unifying emotions amongst most people,” she reasons.

As always, her main goal will be to help people discover what they need—trusting their inner healer within themselves, instead of looking outward for answers. “I encourage people to attend breathwork sessions with me to trust that they know what they need, and to look within. I’m there to guide them, not to tell them what they need.”

Regina Rocke TarotAnother bit of ancient wisdom Rocke espouses to her students is a call to remember that both negative and positive emotions can and do oftentimes coexist. “Stress, worry, fear and anxiety can coexist with beauty, joy, pleasure and excitement,” she explains. “It’s not only black and white. I want to remind people of that.”

Her social media presence is a clear demonstration of this. It’s bright, colorful and playful, but still aware, conscious and embracing of Rocke’s natural flow between her own feelings of light and darkness. Her effortless authenticity gives her community permission to be raw and real, as well.

This is a part of the overarching umbrella of inclusivity that Rocke holds as a pillar of her work. All people should have access to these ancient practices and truths, she believes. And further, adequate homage and honoring of a practice’s lineage is imperative. “It’s important to understand why you are doing what you’re doing, and also have a humble appreciation for it,” Rocke affirms.


Kinisha Correia is an award-winning journalist, content writer, editorial director and founder of About Her Culture, who has worked with a variety of publications throughout the US and the Caribbean. Her body of work largely explores the cultural intersections of wellness and its correlation to social equity; a people and planet-focused approach to business; and women of Caribbean and African descent effecting positive change across the globe. Kinisha is Jamaican and currently lives in the US.

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