This Is How to Cultivate Unwavering Self-Motivation

This Is How to Cultivate Unwavering Self-Motivation


It’s easy enough to infer what the term self-motivation means, but finding a way to self-motivate is not always so easy. . .

Self-motivation comes from within. It is an inside job!

And yet the act and the practice of tapping into a flowing stream of self-motivation can be challenging to maintain, let alone begin.

Especially if you aren’t feeling particularly motivated in the present – and odds are you aren’t if you’re reading this! (And that is ok, because it’s good to be aware of our current feelings and to gauge them as a starting point as we set out on the self-motivation journey.)

It’s actually a part of being human, meaning that it happens to everyone and there are also ways to move past it.

Intrinsic (inside) motivation comes from within. The only one who can control how much you receive is you!

Motivation can come from two sources: from within yourself, and from outside of yourself.

Extrinsic (outside) motivation can be positive, like receiving love from your children, or negative, like your boss threatening to fire you. You do not have control over this type of motivation. It is dependent upon the external source you’re receiving it from.

Intrinsic (inside) motivation, on the other hand, comes from within. The only one who can control how much you receive is you! So once you uncover the way to find it and maintain it, this inner self-motivation is like a limitless well you can draw upon anytime, always.

Mmm that sounds juicy – but how do you get there?

The first step is to take inventory of your current mindset. As I always say, a positive mindset is the gateway to living an abundantly fulfilling life.


The First Ingredient of Self-Motivation Is Mindset

Stop Seeking Outside Yourself insideHaving a positive mindset begins with self-talk. The way we talk to ourselves matters. Big time.

Maybe you’ve heard of the water molecule experiment? Dr. Masaru Emoto, a scientist who wrote The Hidden Messages In Water labeled different water droplets with powerful words like “love” and “hate.” Then he placed these molecules under a microscope, and confirmed the statement that our words matter; that words carry a powerful vibration which is capable of altering the entire makeup of a water molecule. Similar experiments have been done on plants, with the same outcome.

Self-motivation is like a limitless well you can draw upon anytime, always.

When we apply this concept to ourselves, are the thoughts we think watering the gardens of our minds, or the weeds?

Self-talk, then, is the first step toward self-motivation. Your potential for motivating yourself withers with every thought that belittles your progress, questions your worthiness, or stokes your fears. Inversely, every thought that boosts your self-confidence, amplifies your self-awareness, and deepens your self-love will bring you right to self-motivation’s doorstep.

Congratulations! You found your way there. You’ve arrived at the doorstep of being motivated from within. Now what? How do you open the door, walk through it, and remain in this new state of being?

Your potential for motivating yourself withers with every thought that belittles your progress, questions your worthiness, or stokes your fears.

First, you find ways to nourish this inner motivation. Then, you add consistency and you create a routine around it. What are some ways to nourish the motivation that comes from within?


The Power of Affirmation for Self-Motivation

affirmationSelf-motivation loves affirmation. Affirming what you want to focus on is a powerful mindset practice. And self-motivation begins with a positive and empowered mindset.

Affirmations are powerful “I am” statements that affirm (or validate) a particular belief or way you want to feel.

Let’s say you want to create an affirmation for boosting your self-confidence. Create an “I am” statement such as, I am capable of accomplishing anything I set my mind to. I believe in myself! Repeat it to yourself, or say it to yourself in the mirror, and really feel it reverberate through your entire being. Believe it!

Self-motivation also loves to feast on inspiration. Read some inspiring quotes or stories, and notice how your self-motivation kicks into high gear. Reflect on or journal about the qualities of someone that makes you feel inspired, and observe how you begin feeling more motivated yourself.

Nourishing your inner motivation can take many forms, and there’s no wrong answer, as long as it lights you up.

Many people feel drawn towards guided meditation or breathing techniques. These practices help focus and calm the mind (key for being aware of our self-talk), and bring you back to a state of equilibrium where creativity and inspiration flourish.

Other people enjoy Qi gong, yoga, Pilates, dance, or other forms of mindful movement that channel self-confidence, require self-discipline, and as a result, sharpen self-motivation.

Take a yoga or meditation class today on YA Classes!

Support your self-motivation with a mindfulness practice! Take a yoga class if you’re craving physical movement, or choose a meditation class if you’d prefer mindful stillness today.

Support Your Self-Motivation Journey With These Resources

A Year of Self Motivation for WomenFinally, find a few resources outside yourself that support your self-motivation journey. Don’t overload yourself with too many options or resources to get through. That will drain the joy right out of it (speaking from experience).

Instead, focus on a few key tools that you enjoy and therefore know you’ll actually use (again, speaking from experience). These can be books, podcasts, mindset exercises, or working with a therapist or coach.

Enter: A Year of Self-Motivation for Women. I designed this book to be that resource for you as a daily companion for self-motivation. Each day has an empowering affirmation, a motivational quote, or a guided practice to help you explore all the ways that you can increase your inner drive, inspiration, and willpower.

Looking for more inspiring resources? Check out 4 Powerful Mindset Techniques to Help You Build New, Empowering Habits

A Final Word From the Author of A Year of Self Motivation for Women

I am not perfect and I do not have it all figured out. Anyone who claims otherwise is lying to you – and themselves! But what I do have is a lot of life experience, a long journey of coming to terms with my mental health struggles and using self-awareness to address them with radical honesty, clarity, and a willingness to do the work in order to get through to the other side.

From a young age, I had a driving force in me – a thirst for exploring the depths of our mental, emotional, and spiritual worlds. My teaching and my writing is vastly informed by my endless dedication to learning from the greats.

Over the past decade+ of teaching yoga and meditation, being a leader in the community and a mental health advocate, I have learned a lot about the internal dialogue and struggles that many of us share.

Over the past two decades of being devoted to my spirituality and personal development, I have learned a lot from the likes of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Iyanla Vanzant, and Don Miguel Ruiz to name a few. And in running and YA Classes, I’ve had the opportunity – and honor – to work with countless teachers, healers, and leaders in their respective fields, who I continue to gain insight and inspiration from.

All of these aspects are highly motivating to me to keep going and growing and being of service to the community. From this place, A Year of Self-Motivation for Women was born. If this article has resonated with you, then this book will too. If this article reminds you of someone, perhaps this book is for them.

The bottom line on self-motivation is that it is deeply connected to your mindset, and mindset is reliant upon your mental health. And your mental health is nurtured and fortified by self-care, which is an acknowledgment of the divine within you.

So not only is self-care and personal growth key for a healthy, thriving life; it is also a statement of your incredible worth and the source of that worth that resides within you.

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