What the Full Moon in Aries September 2023 Means for You

What the Full Moon in Aries September 2023 Means for You


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In the midst of Libra season, we are greeted by the full Moon in Aries on September 29, which asks us to focus on ourselves, our purpose, and our soul’s journey.

What Does a Full Moon Mean in Astrology?

The full Moon slows us down, both by her beauty and her vibration. She encourages us to pause, reflect, and release what we no longer want to carry. On the new Moon a couple weeks before, we planted intentions and envisioned our evolution. The full Moon asks us how those visions are unfolding.

During this period of reflection, the full Moon reveals where we may be blocking our intentions from manifesting. It shows us the work we must do within ourselves to create the life of our highest visions. It illuminates our shadows and gives us guidance on how to shift them into the light.

Ancient illustration of phases of the Moon relative to position to the Sun and Earth. Includes the full Moon in Pisces.
Vintage French engraving depicting the phases of the Moon. Note the straight line of the Sun (Soleil), Earth (Terre), and Full Moon (“Pleine Lune”). (Photo: duncan1890 | Getty)


On a full Moon, the signs in which the Sun and the Moon are located form an axis of energy for us to work with in our energetic bodies. Our current full Moon brings us the vibrations of Aries and Libra. The full Moon helps us understand the higher and lower frequencies of the signs involved. We can then become aware of how we align with these frequencies in our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

No matter our personal signs, we all align with aspects of these energies. The full Moon shows us how we embody the frequencies of the signs involved and how we can raise our vibration through them. As we release and shift the vibrations that resonate us away from who we want to be, we unblock ourselves. We free our energy to take on the higher frequencies of the Sun and Moon signs.

It takes work to shift and release frequencies that we no longer want in our lives. Many of these energies have been with us for some time. The full Moon is about building awareness of the work we need to do while understanding that this work may not occur overnight.

Our energy can work like a light switch, where one moment we are vibrating at a certain level, then the next we exist at a whole new level. Finding the light switch, though, can be the challenging part. Shifting our vibration can occur with a single change in perception or a new understanding. Shifts can happen quickly, but they also can take continual awareness on our part to ensure the change we want to see becomes permanent.

Shifting emotional patterns or releasing long-held beliefs requires finding the root cause of what we are trying to change. It requires awareness and deep understanding. Going into the shadows of ourselves can be frightening, but with the full Moon’s help, we can go into the places we usually hide to find the switch that will help us create change.

Full Moons help us release, but they also help us embrace the vibrations we want to carry. They help us recognize our strengths, our power, and our light. As we work with the full Moon, we can step away from each sign’s lower frequencies and into the higher ones. We can see ourselves in full view.

The zodiac sign of Aries, ruled by the fiery warrior planet of Mars, influences the upcoming full Moon on September 29. (Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

What the Full Moon in Aries Means for You

Aries is the warrior of the zodiac. This energy encourages us to take action, fight for what we believe in, and overcome any obstacles in the way of our dreams.

Ruled by fire and the planet Mars, Aries teaches us that we are each here on a mission. Our soul wants to accomplish something this lifetime. Each of us has a purpose, and it will keep calling us until we pay attention to it. It may take years for us to find our purpose, and even longer to follow it. Knowing your mission in life is not an easy feat. Some people will know it their whole lives, while others will travel the world trying to find it.

You do not need to know your life’s purpose right now. This full Moon can help you feel it, though, if you allow it. Once you know your purpose, it’s then up to you to pursue it. Pursuing your purpose in life can feel daunting. It may require career shifts or  moves to new locations. It may also ask you to say goodbye to certain people or habits. This full Moon in Aries helps us recognize anything that is in the way of us pursuing our purpose and then propels us to release it.

Aries brings us courage and motivation. Feel these vibrations this full Moon and let them assist you in letting go of habits, projects, and other energies that block you from aligning with the life your soul wants. Feel the warrior spirit of Aries and decide what you are willing to fight for in your life. What battle is worth your energy? This full Moon is also a time to look at how you may be battling with yourself. Are you fighting your soul’s calling? Are you ignoring it? Notice if you are instilling doubts in yourself that block you from pursuing your life’s mission.

Each astrological sign has a low side and a high side. For Aries, the lower frequency is frustration and anger. When we don’t follow our soul’s purpose, we tend to end up frustrated with life and angry at ourselves. We may also become angry at the people around us as we project our frustrations onto them.

This full Moon is a time to feel any anger you may have and find its origin. Are you frustrated that you are not living the life of your soul? Have you made compromises on things that needed to be fought for instead? Notice if you waged war on yourself.

With the help of the full Moon in Aries, you can transform your anger into motivation. Aries can help you tune into your internal fire. You can direct that fire either at yourself or into making changes that help you align with your soul. Instead of attacking yourself with limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging messages, take bold steps on your personal journey. Use your fire to take action in creating the life you want to live. Stop ignoring the callings of your soul and instead listen, then follow them. Create a life that makes you feel content on all levels and leaves no room for anger over what could have been.

This full Moon can also help you reignite your passion if you have lost it. Once you find your purpose and pursue it, it can become challenging to stay motivated. You may end up feeling stagnant in your growth, or like you are trapped by our mission. Keeping up your passion for life is an important part of following your soul’s journey. During this full Moon, feel into any resentment you may have for your purpose. Does it make you feel trapped? How can you shift the way you feel about it?

Try seeing your life’s mission as an opportunity to evolve and accomplish something your soul may have been trying to fulfill for many lifetimes. Fall in love with your mission again and again by recognizing that it’s the reason you are here this lifetime. You and only you can pursue your life’s journey. It is a voyage designed for you by you. Be grateful for your path and how you found it. Be grateful for the people who have helped and supported you. And be grateful for being you.

Illustration of the astrological zodiac sign Libra, depicted by scales hanging in the balance
The sign of Libra, currently influencing the Sun, seeks to bring balance and equality to any situation. (Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

Full Moon in Aries and Sun in Libra

Every Sun season has a full Moon positioned in the opposite zodiac sign. Aries and Libra sit opposite each other in the sky and on the zodiac wheel, so as the Sun sits in Libra, the full Moon lands in Aries. The tension created by the Sun and Moon in opposition can create breakthroughs in our consciousness and allows us to grow, evolve, and transform.

The Sun in Libra allows us to work with its vibrations in our energetic bodies. Aries is home to the first house of the self and ruled by Mars, while Libra is home to the seventh house of relationships and ruled by Venus. On the surface, these two energies are as different as can be. When we look a little closer, they can teach us valuable lessons about staying aligned with our soul’s journey while sharing the experience of living it with another.

Aries reminds us this full Moon that we have a purpose in this life, and when we find it, we feel content. Libra encourages us to feel at peace no matter the situation, which is more easily achieved when aligned with our soul’s path. Furthermore, we have a better chance of forming healthy relationships and partnerships when we have a purpose and feel fulfilled on our own. This full Moon reminds us that we are already whole. People in our lives do not complete us. Instead, they make life that much sweeter.

The real relationship to observe during this season is the one with yourself. Aries and Libra both carry the warrior spirit. Aries is more aggressive, depicting the typical warrior ready to fight through adversity to rise to the next level. Libra is more of a peaceful warrior, battling only when balance has been disturbed. Aries gives us the energy to conquer some of our toughest demons, while Libra helps us right the wrongs done to us or those we’ve done to others. Aries also fights with fire and force, while Libra uses air composed of words and balanced communications.

Aries is direct and often unstoppable. When we invoke the energy of Aries, change happens. We send the message, and there is no misinterpreting the meaning. Libra, on the other hand, is softer and often can be swayed to another side. Libra tends to see all sides equally, which can be beneficial. But it can also make this energy less effective in creating change quickly. The vibration of Libra asks that we first understand the issue from all sides before making a decision. This understanding can take time and may lose momentum.

When we look at Aries’s higher vibrations, we see courage, determination, stamina, and drive. This energy helps us make decisions quickly and confidently. It also helps us dissolve obstacles with determination and sheer willpower. This is the energy of the ram, ready to act when needed and not allowing anything to stop it. We need this energy in our lives when we face adversities, start something new, or choose to focus on ourselves. It allows us to make challenging choices that demand we put ourselves first. It also helps us understand when being selfish can be beneficial for our evolution and the overall vibration of the world.

Aries teaches us that when we place ourselves and our missions first, everyone benefits. Our path may require us to choose it over and over again. Aries gives us the energy needed to choose our soul’s journey even when it’s not the easy one.

Aries in its low, or shadow, frequencies does become negatively selfish. When we align with this side, we forget that we live in a world full of other people. We lose our ability to compromise or make choices for the sake of peace. We stand our ground even when it’s not worth the battle. We may even start battles just for the sake of proving a point with no real intention behind the energy. Aries’s lower frequencies cause us to make ourselves the only priority. It also causes us to focus on only our perspective, giving us a one-sided vision, as we forget to see things from another’s point of view.

Selfishness is a fine line. We need enough of it to stay true to our journey and not give into other people’s demands when they challenge our commitment to ourselves. Too much selfishness, though, causes us to live a life of solitude or unbalanced relationships. When we take too much energy, it doesn’t feel good. We intuitively know when relationships are unbalanced. We may not know how to correct it, but we know that something if off. This feeling of imbalance causes frustration and anger—other low sides of Aries.

As you work with the full Moon in Aries, ask yourself where you may have crossed the line of selfishness. Where do you need to be more selfish for the sake of your soul? And where do you need to be less selfish for the sake of your partnerships? Align with the  Moon to shift these energies. Make yourself a priority, but also know where and how you can compromise. There are things in this life that are nonnegotiable, and there are things that we can loosen our grip on. Decide on this full Moon what you are willing to fight for, what you are willing to stand your ground on, and what you are willing to negotiate over for another person’s happiness. Helping others be happy in turn makes us happy in our hearts and can sometimes be more important than proving a point.

This full Moon also helps us shed the lower vibrations of Libra, which can work against the search for our purpose. The low, or shadow, side of the scales is passive-aggressiveness and indecision. When we align with this side, we vacillate between choices and often become frustrated. We cannot decide on a path, and we question our instinctual knowledge. We lose trust in ourselves and can run around in circles, never finding our way.

Being indecisive is another way we battle with ourselves, and this war can spill onto others. This constant wavering can pressure our relationships as we look to others for answers, not understanding that we already hold the answers we seek. We also tend to lean on others’ support instead of our own inner strength to help us on our journeys. This behavior can lead to codependency and a sense of losing ourselves in another.

If you find yourself aligning with the lower vibrations of Libra, it’s best to spend some time in meditation, learning to trust yourself without outside influence. Ask yourself some questions and notice the first answers that appear. Do not overanalyze them, but allow them to come from your intuition. Feel your gut response and go with it. Take action and know that if things don’t go the way you want them to, there will always be a lesson to learn and room to grow. Give yourself the grace to make missteps on your path. This allowance will encourage you to pick a road and walk it.

As we step away from the lower vibrations of Aries and Libra, we allow ourselves to align with our soul’s purpose. We understand that when we feel content and fulfilled, everyone in our life benefits. We can balance the priority and responsibility to ourselves with our responsibilities to others. We know when to compromise, when to fight for what we love, and how to make peace with our soul’s journey.

Over this full Moon, give yourself space away from your partnerships. What do you want? What does your soul want? The energy of the north node in Aries is highly active this full Moon. Let it help you release old patterns of people-pleasing or swallowing your truth to make other’s happy.

The rather showy sign of Leo currently influences the planet Venus, which relates to the beauty that we find in the everyday. (Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

Other Astrological Influences on the Full Moon

The Moon and Sun do not exist in the sky alone. There are other planets, each with its own energies, that affect the full Moon. When cosmic bodies are specific degrees away from each other, they create vibrations that we feel along with the energies of the full Moon. The main aspect of any full Moon is the 180-degree separation of the Moon and Sun. 

There is just one other aspect to be aware of this full Moon. Venus in Leo is in an exact square to Uranus in Taurus. Venus is the planetary ruler of Libra and influences how we express our love along with what we find beautiful. Uranus is the planet that helps us dissolve old patterns and invent new pathways in life. Square aspects tend to cause friction until they help us break through the tension to a new energy.

The square between Venus and Uranus brings a desire for sudden or spontaneous change in relationships. This aspect could bring up many things, both with your relationship with yourself and your relationships with other people. On an emotional level, if you’ve been frustrated with your partner’s behavior and haven’t been able to have an honest discussion, you may suddenly find the words. You may also find yourself saying things you did not expect, and it’s important to think before you speak this day.

Aries brings a lot of fire to this full Moon. Notice if you are suddenly losing your patience and having a needed conversation in a less-than-productive manner. Take note of what you are feeling and even journal about it. When you feel calm, say the things that need to be said.

Venus squaring Uranus does bring the opportunity to break through stagnant energy that has been holding back relationships from reaching the next level. When two people enter a relationship, they bring all of their emotional past with them. Some of this past can prevent the partnership from moving forward. When Venus is square Uranus, you may find yourself unexpectedly talking with your partner about things like moving in together, getting married, moving to a new city, or maybe just trying a new restaurant. If your relationship needs a break, this may be the time that topic arises, too. If either partner hasn’t been speaking their truth, this aspect can bring everything into the light.

Remember that we are still in Libra season. Use your tools to help you remain calm and centered in conversation. Also, be aware of pieces of your relationship with yourself that may need some adjusting. Notice how you talk to yourself, how you treat yourself, and how you value your worth. Are there old patterns here that you need to dissolve?

The full Moon is all about release. Decide what behaviors you need to transform and release to show yourself self-respect, self-care, and self-worth. Be creative as you think of ways to improve your relationship with yourself. Uranus is all about invention and creativity. Invent new methods, tools, and pathways to love yourself. Release shame and accept yourself for who you are today. Love your life, your mission, and your passions. Know that you have a purpose in this life, and that purpose will start to flourish as you improve your relationship with yourself.

Your Invitation

The full Moon in Aries always proves to be an exciting one and an opportunity to feel our life’s mission and then decide how to pursue it. It has the power to teach us about our soul’s purpose and how to pursue it while living in the world with other people—each of whom has their own soul’s purpose. When we integrate the higher vibrations of Libra and Aries, we know how to support both ourselves and others. We also know when to ask for support and even choose partners who help evolve us to the next level of our personal journey.

This Moon can help you understand your journey more deeply and in turn help you develop more fulfilling relationships. Ideally, you want partners who also understand how to balance their life’s mission with yours so that each person feels fulfilled and without resentment. Align with this full Moon to create a life full of purpose, passion, and enjoyment. Then learn how to make it a priority while still sharing the experience and joy of life with others.


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